Multiplier event en Italy 

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Multiplier event en Italy

PROGRAMME  “Erasmus + and Green Apron Project”

20.00 Welcome to participants  Mirna Fusaro, Associazione Net 
20.15 Output 1 Green Apron research and results – Mirna Fusaro, Vice-President of Associazione Net
21.00 The importance of the Green Apron project introduction in the training paths for chefs – Manuel Veronese , Trainer at the catering School of Adria
21.30 Vegan food in Italy: progress, research and activity –  Costantino Tedaldi, expert
22.00 A real vegan experience in catering and restoration in Padua town centre Annamaria Lelli, Universo Vegano franchising manager in Padua
22.30 Discussion  – facilitator Angela Maggiolo, Associazione NET

Multiplier event

organized on 13th March 2015.

Participants: about 24 people.

Target audience: people interested in the new working possibilities in the field of vegan cuisine, considering the demands of the labour market and the recession actually going on in our country, self-entrepreneurship. Many participants had already been involved in such field in a voluntary way or in a more professional way and were interested to have further information about the course and the situation of vegan cuisine at local and European level. A real manager of a Vegan restaurant and an expert in vegan food qualities and nutritional facts were present too, considering the meeting as a way to see the future of this field and the current trends. The first part of the event was focused on the presentation of the Erasmus + initiatives at European level and the results of the Green Apron research carried out in 5 European countries (Romania, Spain, Italy, France and UK): analysis of the current vocational training situation in each partner country with regards to its structure and contents and in the training leading to become a professional chef. The results of the research and next steps. During the second part of the meeting Manuel Veronese trainer in the Catering school of Adria, explains the traditional path students of a catering school has to follow to get their diploma as cooks. Manuel explains also how, to have more chances, the need to diversify one’s skills and knowledge is necessary.  The introduction of a module regarding vegan cuisine is considered fundamental.During the third part, an overview of Vegan food has been given by Costantino Tedaldi naturopath and experts in vegan food nutritional facts. After these interesting presentations, a real working experience in this field has been presented by Annamaria Lelli, the manager of the Vegan franchising “Universo Vegano” in Padua town centre. Many questions were asked by the audience and finally Associazione N.E.T. thanked and greeted the audience.

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Multiplier event en France

The salons « les rendez-vous de l’hôtellerie restauration » embedded Green Apron multiplier event on the 15th March2016.  Les Petits Plats dans les Grands is the leader of the partnership which organizes the salon. 800 visitors and 25 exhibitors from the employment, hospitality trade, training environment and general public attended the salon at the Mercure Hotel in Caen town centre. A job fair arranged by Pole Emploi , the French employment agency, enabled  over 350  job seekers  to contact  35 hospitality businesses of the area.   Partners of green Apron, LPPDLG, GIP FCIP held a permanent stand  and organized an event about Green Apron outputs :  a conference was  attended by over 60 people on the customer-wise approach in vegetarian cooking  in French restaurants :  2 businesses, an expert in sustainability in the  hospitality trade from the APIIH , a VET lecturer, a vocational training adviser were involved. The conference confirmed the importance of the issue and the growth of plant based market as well as efforts which have to be made by professionals to address customers ‘ expectations. Erasmus +” Green Apron appeared to be a very good response and a great opportunity for the trade. Demontrations of vegetarian cooking by VET students led by Philippe Chales (GIP FCIP)  were an opportunity for  participants to  have a taste of Green Apron recipes. A contest to advertise vegetarian cooking  appealed  over 100 people and prizes were awarded by Thierry Lhuilerie  ( LPPDLG)  and Alice Pedrotti , Catherine Coquelle ( GIP FCIP ).

Galerie De Photos- Multiplier event en France